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Rose Festival at Kani Flower Park, Gifu

The Hana Festa Memorial Park of Kani City in Gifu Prefecture attracts a lot of visitors, especially during the months of May and June when the roses are in bloom. The Hana Festa Memorial Park contains more than 7000 varieties of roses and ten thousand varieties of other plants.


The rose plants of this garden are divided into, the rose theme garden and the world rose garden. There were innumerable varieties of roses from all over the world maintained in the world rose garden. The other part had specifically themed areas inside it with various rose varieties in each part. This park is a memorable place of the flower festival that was conducted in 1995. During the rose festival, many people from all over the country and abroad visit this place. Once we entered the park, we could see an area with small cute rose varieties forming a flower bed with a chair and two alien statues standing at its sides for welcoming the visitors.


There was a small stall situated near the entrance of the park for selling the rose plants and some other plants. The area of the park was vast and one could easily spend several hours walking around the entire park while enjoying the beauty of the roses. All the plants have their names and country of origin written on boards placed aside it. Some colours of rose flowers are really interesting and the shapes of some of them are unbelievable too. There were tram services available inside the park.  Children and visitors with difficulty in walking around the enormous park, this tram service is really a convenient way to enjoy the beauty of the park in comfort.




In some parts of the park, we could see beautifully arranged plants, forming flower beds of various shapes and colours extending over long distances. Also topiaries in the shapes of birds, animals etc. could be seen at some parts. There were regions inside the garden where the rose plants are carefully arranged in arches and other shapes forming a pathway of rose entrances. Various colours of rose flowers on these gates increased visitors' interest to walk ahead and enjoy even more.



A beautiful lake at the centre of the park surrounded by the poppy plants and full of flowers on one side of the small valley of the lake side was enthralling. There were other plant varieties and coniferous trees that added to the beauty of this scenic region. We could see the museum buildings of the park on the other end of the lake. Walking through the park we reached a greenhouse with tropical trees and plants grown under special climatic conditions. There were three different floors of exhibits in this greenhouse. Some trees are tall enough to reach the third floor from the ground.


In addition there were two other buildings nearby. One was a museum of Bonsai exhibits, where many flowering and non-flowering plants as well as huge trees were grown in small pots. The art of Japanese Bonsai is really amazing and in this part of the garden we could experience it. There were some desert roses and cactus plants also grown as Bonsai in one part of this building. The final destination of the park area consisted of a building with some flower related exhibits.



One part of the building had some classes for kids where they were taught the art of flower making and decoration using ribbons, threads, beads, etc. Too many young kids were always taking part in one of these practice sessions. The second floor of the building had some flower paintings, preserved flowers, and some other items. Among them, the most important one was the exhibit of the various steps of perfume manufacturing. Different fragrances of rose perfumes were arranged there as samples. The steps involved in the manufacturing process were exhibited and explained in detail. Once we moved to the next floor of this building, we could see beautifully arranged flower vases. The Western style of flower arrangement done especially with the rose flowers was exhibited there. The art of flower arrangement conducted as short learning session was also available for the visitors.




During the rose festival, there were many stalls selling food items, locally made products, like umbrellas with flower paintings, small musical instruments, ceramic wares, wooden sculptures, etc. sold directly by the makers. There were small shows conducted inside the park at specific timings by individuals and groups. After a long walk through all parts of the park, we returned back to where we started, the entrance of the park. The colourful roses of wide varieties and the various exhibits filled our eyes and mind with a renewed zeal and happiness for a long time.

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