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Ramen As A Symbol Of Japan

When we are discussing about the best cuisine in Japan, maybe we will say ramen and sushi. Yes, ramen is the symbol of Japanese cuisine. There are 3 most popular types of ramen, such as Tokyo ramen, Sapporo ramen, and Hakata ramen. If you feel you are familiar with those names, it may be because they are the names of prefectures in Japan. So, every prefecture in Japan has its own style of ramen, of course with different taste too. So, let’s learn more about ramen in every prefecture in Japan, and choose your favorite one!

Tokyo Ramen

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Tokyo ramen or commonly known as Shoyu ramen typically has a clear brown broth, based on chicken and vegetables stock with plenty of soy sauce. The toppings for this ramen are usually roast pork, bamboo shoots, fish cakes, seaweed, kelp, and boiled egg. This ramen tastes so light or assari, for all of you who love light flavors, you can choose this type of ramen.

Hakodate Ramen

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Hakodate prefecture is located in Hokkaido. The specialty of this ramen is its broth. The broth is clear, yellowish and made with plenty of salt and mixing chicken, vegetables, fish, and seaweed. Some broths are also made from boiling pork bones too, but not as long as for making the broth of tonkotsu ramen. Because of that, the taste of this ramen is lighter than the Tokyo ramen. This kind of ramen is also the lightest taste in broth, and it is really such a delicious meal too!

Sapporo Ramen

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Sapporo is located in Hokkaido, Japan. The specialty of this ramen is the broth, which is made with miso. So, when we are talking about Sapporo ramen, it also means we are talking about miso ramen. This ramen tends to have a tangy flavor (thick, kotteri). For the toppings, there are bean sprouts, cabbage, or corn. If you love the thick and tangy flavor, I recommend you to try this ramen.

Hakata Ramen

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Hakata prefecture is located in northern Kyushu. The specialty of this ramen is also the broth. The broth is made from boiling pork bones, or known as “tonkotsu” in Japanese. This is my favorite! The broth is creamy, with the rich flavor of the pork, so delicious. For the toppings, it is usually topped with roast pork, crunchy kikurage (wood ear mushroom), pickled mustard greens, green onion, sesame seeds, and crushed garlic. If you love the thick and tangy flavor one, I recommend you to try this ramen or the miso ramen.

Wakayama Ramen

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Wakayama prefecture is located in the Kansai region of Japan. The specialty of this ramen is that they use tonkotsu pork bone with soy sauce broth. Wakayama ramen noodles are straight, yellow, and egg based. Unlike the other styles of ramen, garlic is not an option to be used. They prefer to add black pepper in this ramen.

At Last

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Those are the most popular types of ramen in Japan. Have you tried all of those ramen? Try them, and choose your favorite one!

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