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Oyster Season: Joy and Oysters

Hiroshima Oyster Festival

The days after New Year mean a lot to people in Hiroshima. As the last days of January turn into the beginning of the next month, people in Hiroshima, especially those who are around Hiroshima Bay, are busy preparing the Oyster Festival. Hiroshima is well-known for its oysters, making it the best place for oyster culture business in Japan. It’s always a good and satisfying oyster experience for visitors during the season.

Hiroshima Bay


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Hiroshima Bay is a point of arrival for six rivers that flow from Chugoku Mountain. Water from the rivers bring a lot of organic and inorganic substances, building a good environment for the growth of the oysters. No wonder the oysters harvested from the bay are good in quality and quantity. The flesh is fat and juicy which is very pleasing inside everybody’s mouth.


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Miyajima Oyster Festival


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The oyster season is celebrated usually from mid-January until mid-February, though harvesting starts from November the previous year. Festivals are happening all around the bay. The Oyster Festivals, which are annually celebrated, are a good destination for both domestic and international visitors. The festivals include Ondo Oyster Service, Otake Oyster Festival, Hiroshima Charity Oyster Bazaar, Ondo Oyster Festival, Miyajima Oyster Festival, and many more. Those festivals are held in different places and times, so it is a good thing to know the schedule first.

Miyajima Oyster Festival is known as the biggest festival on the island of Miyajima. Waking up early in the morning for lining up in the cold for oysters at a few hundred yen less is an interesting activity at this Oyster festival. Besides oysters in this festival, there are also different things that some children would love to eat, such as udon noodles, takoyaki, anago fish cake on stick, dorayaki azuki bean cakes, etc.

Only eating seems like a boring festival, isn’t it? Don’t worry, because you can watch Miyajima Japanese taiko drumming club performance there. After the drummers’ grand finale, the performance is complete with a dramatic burst of confettis.

Happy Oyster Season


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Visitors can enjoy oysters in many ways. Usually they are eaten raw as nama-gaki or fried (popularly known as kaki fry). Both are worth tasting. But it is a great thing too to enjoy them grilled. Mostly they are sold for 500 yen per 3 grilled shells. Oysters steamed rice (kaki-meshi) is also a special menu visitors can enjoy only in Hiroshima restaurants. Broiled oysters, oyster dote-nabe, and a lot more are ready to make everyone drooling. Whatever is on the menu, Hiroshima Bay is ready to make people satisfied with oysters. I have been there last year, and it was such a good experience. The oysters were delicious. If you are oyster lover, I recommend you to visit this festival if you have a chance. Last word: Happy Oyster Season! Enjoy it!

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