Okuma Beach Resort: A Great Hotel for a Wind-Down Weekend

Since I'm living in Japan, staying in hotels is something I do quite often. If you travel a lot, you know how it works. Right after you check in at your hotel you are pretty much in a rush to tackle the meetings you came to attend. And when it is time to leave, you realize that you didn't really have time to relax or took advantage of the hotel pool.

How about taking a little vacation to really get away from the business? Book a hotel, just to relax and to wind down. Okinawa is the place to go! Japan's island paradise has much to offer, especially in the beautiful fall months. Mainland Japan gets chilly but Okinawa enters its golden season with 20°C weather, sunshine and fun.

Let me tell you about my Wind-down-weekend that I took with my friend a while ago. We live on Okinawa but we wanted to have a pampering night at a hotel, sightsee a bit and try out good food. Here is what we did:

We booked a night at the JAL Okuma Private resort, a Japanese hotel in Kunigami-son.  Since Kunigami is located in the country side, there is definitely some peace from crowded city life, stress and work. We booked the cheapest "Cottage" of the hotel, the "Palm Cottage", which is a housing complex on the property of the resort with smaller rooms, but on arrival, the hotel bumped us up to "Grand Cottage", which is a suite for couples. The bungalow included a big bathroom, two beds, a little living room style seating area and an outside porch. We were excited, since we usually don't dwell in so much luxury. We found out, that they bumped us up because it was our first time staying at Okuma Resort.

As the day went on we checked out the beach, went bathing in the wonderful hot baths of the Resort (the famous onsen) and chilled in our room with a movie. In the morning we had breakfast at the probably largest buffet I have ever been to. It was delicious! From Japanese style breakfasts with rice, miso soup and fish to European and American style breakfasts with bacon, eggs, cereal, fruits, yoghurts and all kinds of breads. We were so stuffed and relaxed that we felt sad to leave the resort. We were treated extremely well and enjoyed our stay so much, even if it was only for one night.

The Resort has more to offer than just onsen and baths, though. There is much to do at Okuma Beach and the facilities of the resort. You can do water sports, go swimming, diving, take hikes or bike rides through the forests of Yanbaru, do some golfing, ping pong or just rest at the hotel bars, restaurants and beach cafes.

With booking a stay at Okuma Resort we received a complementary 1000 yen food voucher for a restaurant of our choice. We quickly looked up the available restaurants in the area and went to lunch at a Mexican cafe in Nago, basically for free! Afterwards we drove around, snapping pictures of the beautiful mountains and just enjoyed our day off.

Okinawa is a perfect summer vacation. It's paradise! But the island is also very enjoyable during the fall and winter. Okuma is one of my favorite spots on the island, since it is situated in such a peaceful area of the island. If you like, come and experience the resort yourself! A great spot to wind down and just relax!

Here is the website to the hotel if you are interested in booking a weekend: 

Official Site

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