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Muji – The Brandless Brand

Muji is a Japanese company that sells a huge variety of household products. The name “Muji” was derived from the first part of “Mujirushi Ryōhin” which means 'No Brand, Quality Goods'. Muji, was found in 1979 with Tadamitsu Matsui as its chairman and Masaaki Kanai as the president of the company.

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Muji has reached upto 585 retailers in many other countries. People often called Muji as the, Ikea of Japan. Nowadays, Muji is wildly known as the minimalist ‘no brand, quality goods’. The thought of ‘no brand’ brand is like their motto. They want to create a brandless brand so that there are no-labeled products. This allows people to be creative and learn about environmental-friendly goods. For example, they provide stamps that can be used freely by consumers to design or decorate their things (tote bags, notebooks, etc).

What people love about them, just like Japanese culture, their work is honest and efficient. They product designs are of high quality and original. Moreover, their products will never be discontinued which means you will never run out of stock. Muji is always there for you.

Muji products
Muji products. Photo: Celine L. on Flickr


Since August 2014, Muji has come out a new range of skincare product. This time they introduced the anti-aging skin care theme. They try to produce skincare products that moisturise the skin, to take care of the dry Decembers on your skin.

Organic ingredients
Organic ingredients. Photo: Bob on Flickr

As organic ingredients are part of their eco-friendly products, they use arnica and pomegranate as the natural extract. Pomegranate has powerful antioxidants that nourishes the skin and protects it from free radical damage. The vitamin C in pomegranate plays a key role as a part of collagen ingredients. A pomegranate provides almost 50% of the daily-recommended intake of vitamin C. Arnica works as the skin treatment and nourishment based on the content of the flavonoid. 90% of the skincare product ingredients have water as a content, so they try to use the best water quality.


Muji-to-sleep is a new app on android and iphone that helps users avail a night of peaceful sleep. The app supports users to sleep when and where ever they are. There are six sounds of nature that are recorded from various regions of Japan. This will help you to enjoy a comfortable snooze. The most popular thing about Muji-to-sleep is not the app but the neck cushion to increase the comfort of sleep anywhere you want. As a neck sleep support the first step to use the neck cushion is to put the neck cushion on your neck and clip both ends or you can use it to sleep face down by putting the neck cushion on the desk or table.  Either way, Muji is going to lull you to sleep.

Household products, sleep on Muji mattress
Household products, sleep on Muji mattress. Photo: 23kelly on Flickr


A peek inside a Muji outlet
A peek inside a Muji outlet. Photo: Timothy Vollmer on Flickr

Muji as a giant homemaker store has been awarded five gold product design awards by International Forum Design. According to New York times, Muji has some fans and the Japanese called them as “Mujirers”. The fact of brandless brand has made people love it more. In this article, I only mentioned 2 of their products which interests me the most and I’ve used both products and it was a great satisfaction.

Note: Photos of the products were not available hence only representative photos of other Muji products have been used in the article.

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