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Mori Museum’s Ghibli Exhibit

Summer in Japan can be very hot and humid in that droves of people usually flock to the pools and beaches to cool themselves down or go overseas to escape from the heat. For some parts of Japan though (especially in Yokohama-Tokyo area), this Summer has been mild in contrast in that we’ve been having days seeing 22 degrees Celsius on the thermometer! Nevertheless, some days can still be so stifling you’d want to have another excuse to be indoors.

Fortunately for Ghibli fans in the country (and out-of-country if you’re planning to visit this Summer 2016), there’s yet another reason to stay indoors – The Ghibli Exhibit at Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills! Set at the Tokyo City View Observation Sky Deck at the 52nd floor of Mori Tower, the Exhibit features various memorabilia of three decades of Ghibli works from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind to their newest, The Red Turtle which is released this 2016.

To fuel us for our afternoon viewing, we first had lunch at the Sky Deck’s The Sun Cafe in which menu was Ghibli-inspired. They have Red Curry (presumably inspired by the Red Turtle movie) but our toddler couldn’t eat spicy food as yet hence we just ordered plain-old spaghetti and the Makuro Kurosuke-inspired (of My Neighbor Totoro) Makuro/Black Burger.


It’s spicy (see the red chili?) so thankfully we ordered the spaghetti as well. The burger is unusual, but tastes good; thankfully not sooty, unlike the makuro kurosukes.


You can enjoy looking at the Ghibli movie posters too while waiting for your food.


Rearing to go, we then headed to the museum; then got dejected when I saw taking photos were not allowed. I should have seen it coming though since it’s a museum exhibit after all and Ghibli Mitaka also doesn’t allow photography inside their premises. But still, it was a letdown. So I just settled in searing in my memory the Totoro Café that welcomed us in; all the while pointing out the design details to my toddler.

Like any parent going to the museum with their kids, I could only half focus on the rare memorabilia on display since half (or most) of my attention was on keeping my daughter from touching those memorabilia (indeed the staff approached us at some point).

BUT! Both mother and daughter went agog with delight when up ahead, we saw a giant Neko Bus! Big enough to accommodate adults! And we could take photos too! So there, Mom and daughter went gaga over Neko Bus.


Yes, the cat’s eyes glow, as well as the rats’. Amazingly creepy yet cuddly.


Just seeing the Neko Bus and being able to “ride” on it was enough for me. But up ahead, I didn’t expect that there was yet another treat in store for us (the boon of not checking the internet for features of the exhibit prior to visit!).


The ship from Laputa Castle in the Sky!



This 6-feet long engineering beauty is moving, it’s moving!

Now how to purchase the tickets. Same as with Ghibli Mitaka, reservation tickets are purchased at Loppi machines in any Lawson Convenience Store.


Be sure to take note of the Ghibli Exhibit’s “L Code” 36000. You need this when making the purchase. The reservation tickets are good till September 11 and will be exchanged for the admission tickets at the Mori Museum entrance. See below for more exhibit details:

Exhibit Location: Mori Museum 52nd floor, Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Exhibit Period: From July 7 ~ September 11, 2016 from 10am to 10pm (last admission: 9:30pm)

Admission Prices: 1,800 yen (adults), 1,500 yen (Senior citizen), 1,200 yen (students), 600 yen (kids 4 to 12 yrs old), 0 yen for toddlers (0~3 yrs old).

For access to Roppongi Hills, check this link.

Bonus! For those who love Doraemon as well!!



You’re in for some treat on your way to the Ghibli Exhibit since these Doraemon statues are practically littered in the Roppongi Hills perimeter.

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