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Made from Wasabi

Do you know what is wasabi? Wasabi is also known as Japanese horseradish in Japan. It has an extremely strong pungency. Wasabi is different with chili pepper; it produces vapors that stimulate the nasal passages more than the tongue. Japanese people usually eat wasabi with sushi or sashimi. But, nowadays, there are so many snacks, moreover drinks that made from this wasabi! So, let’s know more about them!

At long last, I have finally seen with my eyes: fresh wasabe! These nostril poking, tear inducing roots don't come cheap too...

At long last, I have finally seen with my eyes: fresh wasabe! These nostril poking, tear inducing roots don't come cheap too...

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Did you ever taste a wasabi-flavored ice cream? This kind of flavor is quite popular in Japan. Unfortunately, because of its uniqueness, it is a little bit difficult to find this wasabi ice cream! I have found one shop that sells wasabi ice cream when I had a trip at Kyoto. I tried this wasabi ice cream, and it is delicious. The wasabi’s flavor is not really strong enough, comparing to the wasabi for sushi. Maybe the amount of wasabi in the ice cream is not as much as I thought. Keep calm, and try this wasabi ice cream!



This is my favorite! I can assure you; these potato chips are delicious! For the first time, I feel a little bit curious about the taste. After I tried it, no doubt for it, delicious! The most well known brand of these wasabi potato chips is “Wasabi-fu”. There is the normal version, that the amount of wasabi in those potato chips is the normal one. If you feel okay with it, try the strong one! You will know what is wasabi after you try the strong “Wasabi-fu”. After all, it is really delicious! I recommend you to try it! NB: be careful with the strong “Wasabi-fu”.



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The next one is Kit Kat. Maybe all of you have known about Kit Kat, the most well known chocolate bars not only in Japan, but also so popular among the world. Nowadays, there are so many flavors of Kit Kat, such as strawberry, cheesecake, sweet potato, rum raisin, and etc. The most unique and Japan’s origin one is wasabi flavored Kit Kat. I have tried this Kit Kat once. It was a little bit different with what I thought. The wasabi is not strong enough to make me cry. After all, it is also delicious too.



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Drinks? Insane, I thought. First of all, do you know what is ramune? Ramune is an old fashioned Japanese soft drink that has a special bottle with a marble shaped piece of glass in the neck. The normal ramune is the normal soft drink. How about wasabi ramune then? I have no idea about it.



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Peanuts and peas are the common snack foods in Japan. They are coated with crunchy, sweet wasabi shell. The taste of them is really delicious for the snacks when you drink beer or sake in Japan.



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Those are the most unique foods and snacks made from wasabi. Isn’t it interesting? So, keep calm and try those snacks!

NB: Don’t cry because of them!

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