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Loud Park: Hard Rock and Metal Music in Saitama's Super Stadium

Attention rock, hard rock and heavy metal lovers! If you are spending some free time in Japan and you have the chance to drift around Saitama in early autumn, October, you will definitely love this.

Once a year since 2006, around the second weekend of October, takes place a hard rock and heavy metal festival: the Loud Park Festival. International groups and musical celebrities from around the world meet for two consecutive days at this musical exchange event. It is an interesting chance not only for seeing renowned stars of this musical genre, but also to discover new indie bands from the musical style. It represents both a recognition for some bands, as well as a launch pad to their career as international music bands.

During two consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday, the different bands invited to participate in this musical event play in three alternative stages. There are two different concert posters, one per day, with different bands invited to play either they greatest hits and their new albums and singles. Each day they close the festival with the visit of the main guests or bands invited. Usually the names of these bands are posted in the bands' list with bigger font at the top of the information about the event. Opening from 9:30 am and starting at 10:30, the event represents a festival for the senses of the fans of this type of music.

Photo from previous Loud Park event by the author.

Photo from previous Loud Park event by the author.

In the event you can purchase not only the event's official T-shirt, but also other goods, as well as bands' merchandising, CD's and other souvenirs. Inside the event area there are also food and drink shops, inviting the visitors to refresh their throat and fill up their belly during the breaks between the different performances.

Besides, the event includes other activities and gives the opportunity to meet and see the artists up close! The schedule of the event includes autograph sessions with some of the artists invited to the festival. It also gives amazing memories to the visitors and participants not only because of the experiences itself, but also because after the lives there is a photo gallery on the official website of the event where anyone can see and revive memories of each performance, and also rekindle the fire of each lived experience.

Venue: Saitama Super Arena

Venue: Saitama Super Arena

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The facility where this amazing musical event takes places is the Saitama Super Arena stadium, nearby JR Saitama Shintoshin station. The Saitama Super Arena takes the event under its wing and gives great experiences to the participant bands as to the attendees. With a spectator capacity of 36,500 at maximum settings, the sits and tickets offer is rich and varied. Standing, unreserved seats, reserved seats and premium seats, as well as one-day ticket, two-days ticket, one-day ticket including the T-shirt of the event and two-days ticket including the T-shirt of the event. An assorted tickets' offer for enjoying yourselves listening to good music in a great location and a definitely recommendable experience in Japan's Saitama prefecture.

36,500 sits of rock and heavy metal passion and bands. A more than enjoyable and friendly environment to take pleasure in listening to good music. The miscellany of Japanese and international bands generates a global welcoming atmosphere. The guests will take great delight in the energetic sounds and powerful music. Undoubtedly, it is an invitation extensive for national and international hard rock and heavy metal band lovers. Rock and metal lovers, you cannot miss it!

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