"Lake Tōya" is a member of Global Geoparks Network, a valuable place to feel workings of the earth, as well as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hokkaido


"Lake Tōya" lies about midway between Sapporo and Hakodate, within the Shikotsu-Tōya National Park. It is the third largest caldera lake in Japan following Lake Kussharo and Lake Shikotsu.

Around the almost round lake, which is about 11km from east to west and 9km from north to south, various activities including hot springs are available, and about 3 million tourists visit there every year.

In 2009, it became a member of UNESCO-assisted Global Geoparks Network, as "Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano". The geopark is preserving the geosite, where valuable geological heritages are gathered, as well as aiming for the regional development with tourism (geotourism).

This Geopark has geopoints to show the formation of Toya caldera 110,000 years ago, the birth of the lake island 50,000 years ago, middens of Jōmon period, the creation of Shōwa-shinzan after the crustal movement between 1944 and 1945, traces of the eruption in 2000 and so on. There are sufficient footpaths to these spots.

Shōwa-shinzan is a Special National Monument of Japan, and the impressive appearance of the red protuberant mountain would overwhelm you with the power of the earth.


Vicinity of the Lake Toya, at any rate, offers various enjoyments including the opportunity to experience the natural science as mentioned above: you can make the most of the activities under the vastly extensive panorama include horse trekking with the view of Lake Toya from somma, canoeing to enjoy paddling around the serene lake, the all-you-can play golf course as as low as a few hundred yen, and the auto campground which opens from April to October.

There are various types of accommodations in Toyako Onsen (Lake Toya Hot Springs), from the luxurious resort hotels to the accommodations intended for families, and many of them offer the lake view from their rooms. The Annual "Toya lake Long-run Fireworks Display" is held every night for the period from the Golden Week Holidays(the Golden Week Holidays is a Japanese term applied to the period containing the following public holidays : April 29, May 3-5)to the end of October, and the cruise trip in which you can enjoy the close view of fireworks is popular.

The area attracts many tourists as it is conveniently located in about 1 and half hour car ride away from Chitose Airport, after all, it is in Hokkaido, you can enjoy the relaxing time thanks to the vast nature that surrounds the area.

Lake Tōya
Address: Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
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