KYOTOGRAPHIE : An International Photography Festival in Kyoto

KYOTOGRAPHIE, the world-class photography festival marks the 3rd edition this year and is presented at 15 of Kyoto’s historic and contemporary architectural spaces, some of which have never been opened to the public. Under the theme “ TRIBE “ of this year, KYOTOGRAPHIE works with some of the most creative local artisans, space designers and contemporary architects.

From April 18th to May 10th, along with the 14 exhibitions, a total of 50 venues in the City of Kyoto will hold a wide variety of events which immerse you with cultural, musical and educational experiences. These programs consist of live performance events, conversation events, workshops, a portfolio review, children’s workshops, school outreach, and opportunities to meet the artists.

The venues of exhibitions and public events are dotted around Kyoto City. How would you like exploring Kyoto while taking a tour of each venue?


Suntag Noh, [reallyGood, Murder], 2008
© Noh Suntag

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2015 Special Collaboration for scenography

Shigeru Ban
Shigeru Ban is a world-renowned architect, known for his innovative works with paper, will conceive a unique outdoor recycled cardboard venue for the Gusinde exhibition in front of the Kyoto City Hall.

Alaska Presented by CHANEL NEXUS HALL
Following its sojourn at the CHANEL NEXUS HALL in Tokyo, the exhibition featuring around 50 previously unseen works taken in Alaska in the 1950s will be presented in the iconic dark kura (storage space) of Kondaya Genbei.

Contemporary Art Photography and Traditional Kyoto Crafts at Karakuan
Kimiko Yoshida, a well-known self-portrait photographer, and skilled traditional craftsman in Kyoto come together and to showcase the art of collaboration at historic spaces.


Marc Riboud, Alaska, 1958
© Marc Riboud

KYOTOGRAPHIE Public Programs

In collaboration with the international and national arts community, KYOTOGRAPHIE will hold a wide variety of public events aimed at schools, universities and the general public.

1. KYOTOGRAPHIE announces Portfolio Review for the first time, offering emerging photographers the opportunity to present their work to a diverse selection of prominent professionals from the photography industry.

2. Photography Masterclasses in partnership with ICP, New York
KYOTOGRAPHIE will proudly welcome Stéphanie de Rougé from the International Center of Photography New York, who gives masterclasses and special lectures.

3. Artist Talks, Workshops and Lectures
In 2015, KYOTOGRAPHE invites special guests from Japan and around the globe to give talks, workshops and lectures open to the general public.


Suntag Noh, [reallyGood, Murder], 2008
© Noh Suntag

KYOTOGRAPHIE Jazz Events with Shuya Okino

Kyoto Jazz Massive produced by Shuya Okino will perform for the first time and present exciting events during the festival program.


Francis Wolff, John Coltrane at his “Blue Train” session of September 15, 1957.
© Mosaic Images LLC.


KYOTOGRAPHIE corroborates with Petit Bateau in 2015 and hold the educational program to promote understanding of photography.

13_JAMMES (1)

Louis Jammes , Child of Pripyat, 1991
©Louis Jammes

KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite Festival : KG+

KG+ is the “satellite” event of KYOTOGRAPHIE, will exhibit approximately 100 selected artists at 60 venues from galleries to café-galleries and temples around Kyoto City. KG+ provides opportunities for photographers, collectors, gallerists, publishers and other industry professionals to meet &network, fostering new professional opportunities.


Apollinaire Le Bas, Japanese Warrior, 1864
© Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts

Practical Information

Tickets on sale at 700 JPY or 500 JPY depending on the venues
Advanced Passport on sale until April 18th : 2000 JPY
Website :

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