Kyoto Travel Passes You Need to Know

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Kyoto Travel Passes You Need to Know

Kyoto is one of the most amazing places on earth that you should at least visit once in your life. It always has such beautiful sightseeing at any seasons. During spring, you will be able to enjoy the sakura sightseeing, while in fall you will be able to enjoy the Momiji scenery (red leaves). So, maybe some of you really want to visit there, but you are not sure that the train is the best way to travel around? Perhaps the bus or subway? Thus, here are some travel passes that you can buy and bring to travel around this amazing prefecture, Kyoto.

Kyoto One-Day Bus Pass

You can use this pass to ride on any bus in Kyoto as many times as you want in one day. The price is 600 yen. Since there are many things around the city to see, you should consider buying it. You can visit some sightseeing spots by riding on this city bus, such as Kinkakuji Temple, Ginkakuji Temple, Nijo-jo Castle, Sanjusangen-do Temple, and Kiyomizu-dera Temple. This pass is available at any convenience store in Kyoto; you can also buy it on the bus and use immediately. Please check out the link here for further information about this pass.

Kyoto Sightseeing Pass

If you want to use Kyoto Subway as well, I recommend you to buy this pass. You can buy the one-day pass for 500 yen and see all of the amazing sights on offer through Kyoto's subway network. Not only that, but you will also get some entrance fee discounts at some tourist spots. For more information about these passes, please visit the link here.

Keihan Sightseeing Pass

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This pass is recommended for people who are going to Osaka, and for those who plan to put Osaka on their list of places to see. You can buy a one-day Kyoto-Osaka sightseeing pass for 800 yen, and its two-day pass for 1200 yen. This Keihan Railway will pass through some tourist spots, such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, Uji, Byodo-in Temple, and Osaka Castle. There is also a one-day pass for traveling Kyoto only that you can buy for 600 yen. Please don't forget to present your passport and visa that indicate your status as a temporary visitor when you buy these passes. For further information, check out the link here.

Kyoto Subway One-day Pass

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You can ride on the subway (Karasuma Line and Tozai Line) as many times as you want throughout one day for the price of only 600 yen with this pass. You can buy it at any of the Kyoto subway stations. I recommend this pass for those people who want to go shopping at the center of Kyoto City, which will stop by Kyoto Station as well.

Be sure to purchase these in advance. So, what are you waiting for then? Book your ticket to Kyoto and buy these convenient passes in advance to make your trip go smoother. At last, please don't forget to present your passport and visa when you want to buy one of those passes. 

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