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Kaiten Student Service: Providing All of Your Moving Necessities

Kaiten student service is a special type of organization in Beppu that sells a wide range of cheap products and helps students to move out from their dormitories to any other place within the Beppu area. They provide a decently priced van for the students to move out into another house. They have two shops at Ishigaki and Kamegawa where they sell used products and deliver it to the customer’s location.

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I first came to know about Kaiten from a friend who was moving out to downtown with me from our dormitory. As we don’t have our own car, we were looking for a van to move out and take our stuff to our new house. So, we made a deal with them to deliver our stuffs at our desired location only at 3000 yen. But after moving to our new apartment, we did not have any furniture and cooking stuffs. We did not have enough money to buy new furniture as we paid a lot of money as our insurance and advance for the new apartment. So, we decided to buy used ones and at that time Kaiten shops helped us and we kept our items within our budget. We bought 2 reading tables, two mattresses, clothes racks and a lot of other stuff with a very reasonable price from Kaiten. And if the furniture cost exceeds a definite amount, they also give free delivery to their customers.

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They have two shop in Beppu. One is at Ishigaki, where they sell furniture and the other one is at Kamegawa with various home supplies. I bought a wooden reading table for 6000 yen and a chair for 3000 yen. There are all the right types: wooden, plastic and steel furniture, washing machines, stoves and air-conditioners.  All priced conveniently well.  Normally it starts from 1000 yen but you can buy almost anything from 5000-8000 yen. The price of washing machines and stoves were between 3000 yen to 8000 yen. We can easily buy the necessary things for an apartment.

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The other shop, which is a bit smaller than the one in Ishigaki, was full of supportive small stuffs we needed. In this shop there are various types of show piece, rice cooker, bed sheets, curtains, irons, electric fans and many other support items. They even sells guitars, watches and sports items. I bought a G-shock watch just for 6000 yen which is looked as good as new. If you buy a lot of stuff, they normally give you discount and even some extra items for free. And if you buy an air-conditioner, they also help you to fix it up at your room in lieu of a small amount of gift money.

Besides these, Kaiten also helps the students to get an apartment in downtown. They don’t take any gift money for it unlike the family homes. With all those features, Kaiten is really a convenient service for the students in Beppu.

Address: Opposite to Kamegawa station.

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