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How are the traditional beverages and foods in Japan manufactured? Let's visit the plans where those items are manufactured. You may be able to discover the amazing Japanese traditional techniques.

Ishikawa Shuzo (Sake Brewery) - [Fussa-shi, Tokyo]

You can have a tour of historical Japanese architecture and sake brewing here. There are archives on their dealing with water, the history of the owner’s family as well as sake brewing, and cultural exchange with East Asia, etc. Their souvenir shop and the restaurant unique to sake brewery are attractive as well.

Tokun Shuzo Sake Brewery [Katori-shi, Chiba Prefecture]

This Sake brewery has a world-renowned sake brewing meisters on their staff as the biggest sake brewer. See the sake brewing techniques that have received numerous awards regarding Japanese sake. Of course, you can buy the highly acclaimed souvenirs and as well as the local specialties.

Soka Senbei Marukusa Ichifuku [Soka-shi, Saitama Prefecture]

You can witness the entire manufacturing process for premium rice crackers, Soka senbei. You can taste as well as you can try making your own senbei. How about a unique, one and only souvenir made by you?

Yamasa Corporation (Soy sauce brewery) [Choshi-shi, Chiba Prefecture]

Washoku, Japanese cuisine, is gaining its popularity all around the globe nowadays. With Yamasa Corporation, you can participate in the factory tour for “Shoyu (soy sauce)”, the Japanese traditional condiment. You will be able to learn the overview of soy sauce manufacturing process where the molds are added to ingredients and brewed through reading materials and the manufacturing setting. You can buy “Shoyu Soft (soy-sauce flavored soft ice cream)” from their shop which is so unique to the soy sauce factory.

Kanefuku Mentai Park Oarai [Oarai-cho, Higashi Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture]

You can have a tour of Mentaiko (marinated cod or pollack roe) which is one of the favorite accompaniments to rice in Japan. You can view the video presentation and exhibition of the main ingredient, Alaskan pollack, in addition to the actual manufacturing process. You can also taste the mentaiko fresh right out from the production line, and you can also purchase a wide variety of products with mentaiko as souvenir.

All of these factories of Japanese traditional foods are located at a distance of 1 to 2-hour train ride from Tokyo. You may be more attracted to Washoku after the tour!

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