Autumn Leaves at Kenroku-en Garden

Let us show you the autumn leaves in Kenroku-en Garden, one of the best autumn-leaf viewing spots in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture.

Kenroku-en Garden still has typical features of the strolling-style garden surrounding the pond of Edo period, and you can enjoy the beauties so unique to Japan for each of the four seasons. Let us show you the Kenroku-en Garden in autumn which features beautiful contrast of the red and yellow.

The Best Autumn-leaf Viewing Time
The trees start changing their color from the beginning of November to the beginning of December in Kenroku-en Garden.

Photo: Izu navi on flickr

Admission Fee
The reasonably set admission fee for Kenroku-en Garden is JPY 300 for adults and JPY 100 for kids.

Photo: Izu navi on flickr

The autumn leaves are lit up at night during the following periods:

(1) October 11th, 2014 – October 12th; (2) November 21st to November 30th
Time: (1) 18:30-21:00; (2) 7:30-21:00


The best spots for photos of the autumn colors at Kenroku-en

The following four spots in Kenroku-en offer superb settings for taking pictures of the autumn leaves.

1. Kotoji Toro Lantern


Two-legged Kotoji Toro Lantern is a symbolic attraction of Kenroku-en Garden. You can view the beautiful autumn leaves as the background of the lantern.

2. Kasumi-ga-ike Pond

Photo: nekotricolor on flickr

This is the largest ponds inside Kenroku-en Garden. The pond is surrounded by thriving trees and the autumn leaves are very beautiful.

3. Karasaki Matsu


This is a famous pine tree in the garden planted by Nariyasu Maeda from the seeds taken from Karasaki Matsu in Lake Biwa. The autumn leaves from this tree are also great to see!

4. Yamazaki-yama Hill


The horse chestnut trees dress themselves with beautiful autumn leaves in the autumn-leaf season on this hill, also referred to as “Momiji Yama (autumn-leaf Mountain)”

There are much more attractions within Kenroku-en Garden. Visit the garden and see them all yourself.

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