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It Never Gets too Old: My Favorite Childrens Anime

Besides all the other great stuff you loved as a kid like toys and cakes, I can assure that anime is one of your memorable childhood things. I was once a proud otaku (anime nerd) and watched over 1000 anime films and TV shows (at least that's what it feels like now). Of all of them, to this day, my favorites are Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, and Chibi Maruko-chan. I love their funny stories which represent many valuable lessons about things people encounter everyday like love, life, family, discipline, relationships, discoveries, losses, gains, etc. Moreover, I can say that you are never too old to watch anime series! People reading this probably have their own favorite anime, so please allow me to share that memorable childhood anime which I still binge watch sometimes.


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A favorite among Japanese of all ages, maybe some of you have already known about this well-known anime which is written and illustrated by Fujiko F. Fujio. So loved is he that the government named him the "anime ambassador" in 2008. A story about a blue robot cat named Doraemon who travels back in time. His mission is to aid Nobita Nobi, a schoolboy who suffers from poor grades and bullying. Doraemon and Nobita's hilarious adventures often involve the two of them solving problems using tools and gadgets from Doraemon's fourth-dimensional pouch on his chest which often causes more trouble than help. The relationship between Nobita and Doraemon is always entertaining to watch and to follow. That’s why I still love this series, it's not only about how funny life can be–especcially when there is a robot cat in it–but it also talks about any problems in friendship, loyalty and life in general.

Crayon Shin-chan

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Perhaps the one manga character whose rear end is a pop culture icon, this manga series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui, is not only a well-drawn and fun show, but also a hysterical exploration of Japanese pre-school children. The story is about the adventures of five-year-old Shinosuke Nohara, nicknamed Shin-chan, his parents, baby sister, and his dog. This is one kid who likes to be seen and heard. One of his signature and most entertaining jokes throughout the series is him flailing his naked buttocks in any situation. My favorite part of this series though is Shin-chan’s weird and inappropriate use of language. It helps to know some Japanese as some of those jokes can’t be translated into other languages, which makes me glad I moved here. Not only is it fun for the pervasive rude humor, but there are many touching scenes which show the warmness of family.

Chibi Maruko-chan

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This may be a lesser known series outside Japan. Unlike Doraemon and Crayon Shinchan, this series is a manga about a little girl written and illustrated by Momoka Sakura. This series tells about a simple life-story of a young girl called Maruko. The series follows Maruko Sakura, a young nine-year-old girl living with her parents, sister, and grandparents. The episodes are quite simple about dealing with everyday problems like sharing, family values, and sibling rivalry. Maruko is not always a well-behaved child but means well and tries to do the right thing. I love this show because of how simple its plot is. So relaxing. Not only that, but I also love the animation, which is quite easily drawn.

We Will Never Be Too Old for Anime

So does anime have an age limit? Well, I can say that it is absolutely wrong! We can learn a lot of life problems from it, such as friendships, family, and more. With great images, lots of funny jokes, and fun storytelling, anime can be a great way to relieve oneself from school, work, or any kind of stress transporting you to another weird, wonderful world. With so many different anime now available streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu you are bound to find one that suits your interests. I will be watching anime until I am old. Maybe you will too?

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