Hikari no Okoku: Japan's 'Kingdom of Light'


The World’s Largest Illumination Event named, “HIKARI NO OKOKU” will be held at HUIS TEN BOSCH in Nagasaki Prefecture. The illumination will be displayed from October 31st, 2014 until April 13, 2015 at a popular amusement park. The seasonal event consists of different sections including the three most spectacular ones: “Palace of Light - Jewel Illumination Show”, “Art Garden of Light”, and “Rainbow Flower Garden”. Over 11million light bulbs are being used for the dazzling light show to create a romantic atmosphere.

Palace of Light - Jewel Illumination Show


Check out the brand-new attraction “Canal of Light & Fountains“! The canal is beautifully illuminated in rainbow hues with underwater lights. Enjoy the spectacular view from the street along the canal and the bridge.

Canal of Light & Fountains


“HIKARI NO OKOKU” was selected as “Japan’s BEST Illumination” by 4,000 experts. Plan your visit to enjoy a magical moment with loved ones at HUIS TEN BOSCH!

Website: http://english.huistenbosch.co.jp/

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