Get trained as a modern day Ninja!

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You must be wondering where? Koka in Shiga Prefecture, once home to hidden Ninja villages has the Koka Ninja Village of the modern day where you can get a hands-on training and a peak into the Ninja World. The physiographic location of Koka Ninja was ideal for the Koga Ninja clan in the yester years.
Stick out your antennas and hold your breath as we step into the NInja World.

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Koka Ninja Village is surrounded by virgin forests at the foot of Suzuka Mountains. Nestled amidst the slopes as a hidden village provided the NInjas to easily deceive their enemies from outside.

Ninja school

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The "Ninja School" offers training to transform you into a modern day Ninja. For those of you who successfully accomplish the training, a scroll stating "Full Mastership" is awarded. Acquiring the Full Mastership you can actually and officially become a Ninja. Brave-hearts, tighten your shoelaces and let's begin THE Ninja Training.

Karakuri (Trick) Ninja House


Karakuri Ninja House is an old residence building belonging to the Fujibayashi family, a descendant of the Koka Ninja. Karakuri means trick in Japanese and you will find a plethora of contraptions, trap doors, false walls and hidden rooms to trick you.

Shuriken School

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Shuriken (traditional Japanese concealed throwing weapon), is one of the best-known weapons belonging to the Ninjas. A Shuriken is popularly known as the Ninja Star or Throwing Stars/Knives. Practice your aiming skills with a Shuriken to perfection, here.

Koka Ninjutsu (Ninja Art) Museum


Koka Ninjutsu (Ninja Art) Museum is the only museum in the world that has preserved all the materials related to Ninjas. You can get to know about Ninjas even better by learning their history and their way of life.


Trained as an official Ninja, already? Ninja or no-Ninja we all need food.
Did you know there is a famous Ninja Art BBQ?
Assorted vegetables grown aplenty in the nearby village is a popular item on the menu.

Get a real-life experience as a Ninja. Especially those of you, interested in Japanese Ninja history.

Address: 394 Oki, Kokacho, Koka, Shiga
Open: 10:00~16:30
Close: Mondays
Admission: Free
Web: Japanese)

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