Antonio Inoki Sakaba Restaurant

Get Ready to Rumble at the Antonio Inoki Sakaba Restaurant

When you have the opportunity to visit one of the largest megacities in the world, it is essential to take in all the sights and sounds you can. Tales of a distant land that features its unique history of heroes and events is something special that can impact all who seek to discover themselves. Through new experiences, we can experience aspects of culture that can inspire us to dream big and realize that we can create something great in this lifetime. Antonio Inoki Sakaba in Shinjuku is a testament to that idea, creating a memorial hall in the form of fun, food, and entertainment.

Located near the JR Shinjuku Southeast Exit, this restaurant rests near a bridge leading into the Takashimaya Department Store. Sinking into the basement, a festival of sights and sounds envelop you with a sense of merriment and wonder. Countless sets of nostalgia grace the walls of the restaurant, all commemorating the illustrious career of pro-wrestler turned politician, Antonio Inoki.

Photos of Antonio During his Wrestling Years

From all his great matches within Japan to contests he had against foreigners of various martial arts styles, there is much to see when looking around the restaurant. If you arrive with a large enough party, you have the option of sitting on one of the “wrestling ring” sections, fully immersing yourself in the thematic appeal of the establishment.

Antonio Inoki Restaurant Menu

As you take a glance into the menu, you can see an assortment of items that feature an ample selection of steaks, seafood, and fried goods. Meatless individuals have no fear, as there is a selection of salads and vegetable plates for your choosing. When deciding what to eat, be sure to pay attention to the names of the different cuisine options.

Onion Ring Tower

From the “Cobra Twist” roasted sausage to the “German Suplex” ham and potato salad, you can learn some of the unique techniques Inoki used to vanquish his opponents in the ring while stuffing yourself with the right combination of culinary ingredients. One of the signature items available at the restaurant is in the appetizer section.

Known as the “Sky Tower Onion Lariat”, the dish is comprised of a set of crispy, fried onion rings stacked on top of each other. Three types of sauces are surrounding the tower of deliciousness completing the overall look of the dish. With a healthy range of items available, you'll feel even stronger when inside the restaurant.

Although the food is terrific, the claim to fame of the place resides in the drink menu. Since it is a “sakaba” after all, be prepared to have a thorough scan of the extensive beverage options at your disposal. From domestic and imported beer to a wide selection of chu-hi and mixed drinks, there is something for everyone. By having a few drinks, it helps you to unwind and participate in one of the critical aspects of restaurant fun.

Inoki Magazines and other media

As you dine in the sakaba, you can participate in the various chants with the staff and other patrons inside, as they sing along to the Antonio Inoki entrance theme. Often, this situation occurs whenever there is a birthday or a special celebration.

Having a few drinks helps to lower some of the social inhibitions that may interrupt you having a good time. Don’t be afraid to be loud as you chant along, as large crowds cause the restaurant to explode in merriment. At the sakaba, feel free to gulp down some ice-cold liquid courage to let out your inner child.

If you’re looking to experience a once-in-a-lifetime thrill celebrating the legacy of one of the most iconic figures in Japanese professional wrestling history, then look no further than the Antonio Inoki Sakaba. Don’t worry, you won’t leave in a headlock.

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