First Time Skiing Experience at Ina Ski Resorts, Nagano

Winter is one of the most awaited seasons in Japan because it receives the world’s most epic snow falls. With snow everywhere, it’s the perfect time for some adventure sports like snowboarding and skiing. My wife has always been a big fan of adventure sports and with the help my good friend, we made a plan to go skiing for the first time in our lives. There are many ski resorts in Nagano prefecture and the one we choose to go was the famous Ina Ski Resort.

We boarded an express highway bus from Meitetsu-Nagoya Station directly to Ina Ski Resorts. It is about a 2 hour journey and we reached the place around 11:00am.

If you do not have the proper attire, worry not as there is a rental shop where you can rent all the accessories at a reasonable price. After placing all our stuff in the lockers and getting dressed in the proper attire we were all set. We saw quite a lot of people who were getting on a ski lift to reach the top. Since there was no one to instruct us what to do, we also got into a ski lift to join the people uphill. The view from the ski lift was amazing and with skiers and snowboarders everywhere we were very excited to try it too. The summit is at an elevation of 1036m but we were allowed to go only up to 876m.

Only after reaching the top did we realize that this was for the advanced skiers. Since we had no prior training on how to ski, our excitement slowly turned into fear as we saw the steep slope. We had a really tough time balancing on the ski boots and after lots of struggle we managed to make it down to the base.

Pro tip: Checkout few videos in YouTube on skiing techniques and also get familiarized with your ski boots before you actually go skiing.

Later on, once we started exploring the area, we realized there were dedicated areas for beginners as well as kids. Comparatively this was a better place and was lots of fun. I also had a chance to try snowboarding but it’s way tougher than skiing. All this adventure had drained all our energy and we needed a lunch break. There are quite many options but if you are a vegetarian, I suggest you carry something before hand.

If you are a mushroom lover, there is also this small building next to the kids area where they grow varieties of mushrooms. You can walk around the place and handpick the mushrooms which you can later buy and take home to prepare your favorite dish.

ADDRESS: 399-4431 3390 Nishi-Haruchika, Ina-Shi, Nagano-Ken
TELEPHONE: 050-5840-0505

Access By Train

Shinjuku Station→ExpressBus (3hr20min)→Inashi Station→Taxi (10min)→INA SKI RESORT.
Access By car
Chuo Expressway Takaido IC→Ina IC→Route 87→Route 146→INA SKI RESORT (3hr10min)
Weekdays 8:30 to 16:00
Weekends and Holidays 8:30 to 16:00
Night Skiing 18:00 to 21:00


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