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Enjoy the Music of the Melody Road in Okinawa

It is usual to enjoy the easy to use music in your car through FM, music players or other modern technological means. But isn’t it really surprising and amazing if you could enjoy music played by a road. There are some roads that are constructed with this special feature of producing music. And there is such a road in Japan also. Futami is a small town of Nago city in Okinawa. There is a great experience awaiting you in this small town if you happened to go for a drive through one of the roads of this place. But the music played on this road is entirely different from that we enjoy from the music player. It’s the road itself that act as the music player. A part of this small road produces music as you drive over it. This part of the road is named as the "Melody road" or "メロディロード".


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The road is considered as a treasure of this town and is now famous all over the world. The portion of the melody road starts with a musical symbol in blue colour drawn on the road. While travelling forward, various other colours of different musical symbols could be seen along the road until the ending portion. There is a board telling the speed limit to be kept while driving through this road. It says that the road is grooved and driving in this road from that point at 40 kmph will produce music audible to you once the tyres come in contact with those grooves. There is an yellow traffic sign board with the writing ‘Melody road’ at the starting point of the road. The song will be played only in one direction of this two way road that extends to 340 meters.


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It is said that the concept of this road evolved accidently. Making the road like the one that is present now was done in the year 2012. It was the result of invention after a great effort from a group of students of the Sapporo University of Hokkaido. Once the vehicle enters the road at a speed limit of 40km/hr, the Japanese style music will be played. It is said that keeping the windows closed will make the music more clear. The music played here was some folk music of the Okinawa region which was composed by two native writers of this place. It is called Futami jouwa. This was achieved with the help of some special grooves made on the road at specific intervals. Carefully arranged grooves on the road once touched by the vehicle tires are responsible for making these musical notes.


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It is actually an unforgettable experience to travel on this road hearing the music. Since this road is an asset of this place, we could see pots of flowering plants placed on the sides of the road as we drive forward. For experiencing the music as many times as your wish, you can come around again and make a number of drives in this melody road since it is situated in a less crowded area.

A drive through this road is an unforgettable experience among your trips here in Japan. It seems really interesting once we know more about the constructional features that produces music in this road. If anybody is going to Okinawa, please don’t miss a drive through this magical melody road.

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