Carry the traditional craftsmanship of Japan around – iPhone 6 Case with Echizen Hon Urushi Nuri

naire-shop recently has launched iPhone 6 case which features Echizen Hon Urushi Nuri, crafted by Kumejiro with the highest craftsmanship.

For the product details and purchases, follow this link:

Everything about this elegant and iPhone 6 case for grown-ups is entirely created by traditional skills to every detail – the case is finished with premium-quality natural urushi lacquer, and the pictures drawn with gold and silver powders called Maki-e, another traditional essence featured in this iPhone 6 case.

There are 7 types altogether, including “Kumo (cloud)”, “Shunka Hanamaru”, “Nami (wave)”.


Shunka Hanamaru



Each case is hand-crafted with the highest traditional techniques and materials, through 10 delicate steps from the creation of pattern paper to the final polishing.
You may be able to experience the Japanese traditional craftsmanship within your reach by carrying this iPhone 6 case with distinctive Japanese design every day.

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