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Beppu Walking Tours

Walking tours have long been popular worldwide. By entering a few keywords like ‘Walking tours Japan’ on the internet, thousands of various results will come up. However, most of the tours are held in well-known cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.

Beppu, Oita Prefecture, is a rising city with an increasing number of foreign residents and tourists. A walking tour in Beppu will let you see different aspect of Japan’s countryside towns!

Art Walk in Beppu (available in English, French)

With the purpose of "an original idea designed to raise public awareness towards contemporary art and creativity in Beppu”, this sweet combination between the Beppu Project organization and Marianne Bevand - a French artist, has brought new fresh air into Beppu. Within 1 hour of walking through the town’s historical, cultural and artistic sites, tourists and local people have the chance to experience Beppu as they have never done it before!

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From traditional sites such as Hatoba Shrine, to modern, innovative places such as the artistically painted rooftop in Tokiwa Department store, Beppu appears as a place with hidden treasures, not only hot springs but also many contemporary artworks and creative initiatives.

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The best part of the tour is not just meeting new friends from all over the world, but the fact that the manager - Marianne has made a digital version of this tour that you can download on your phone with full access to photos, sounds and comments from former walkers and tours!

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Date and Time: Every hour from 10a.m to 4p.m
Participation fee is 1,000yen (under 15 years old: 500yen)

Find out more here:
or about Beppu Project: and

Beppu Tour Club (English, multi-lingual)

It is an event club supported by Beppu local guides and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) students. They regularly organize various free tours for international students of APU, and yes, they are hoping in the future for the participation of local people and tourists too!

Beppu Tour Club is a newbie in town, and it aims at creating more job opportunities for international students and revitalize Beppu tourism. Join these tours and you will receive guidance directly from APU students in various languages of your choice!

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Some of their successfully organised tours:

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Beppu Bay Boat Tour (1,000yen)

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Beppu Nightlife

I’m sure this is the best chance you'll have to see worldwide’s cultures gather in such little town while exploring its hidden beauty!

Find out more here : or search the keywords: Beppu Tour Club

There’s nothing more wonderful for a sunny day than meeting new friends and exploring the hidden beauty of your own town or simply make your trip unforgettable by visiting fascinating places which are not in the normal must-go check-lists! Remember to look out for these tours when you visit Beppu!!

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