"Attack on Titan" Takes Over Skytree with "Attack on Skytree" Event (Until July 14)

Over the weekend, my friends and I headed off to Tokyo Skytree for some sightseeing. We previously visited Tokyo Tower to get a view of Tokyo at night, so this time, we opted for a daytime visit to the bigger, higher tower.

Moreover, we found out that they were also having the “Attack on Skytree” event at the Tembo Gallery! Free stickers were up for grabs if you complete the “Stamp Rally” mission and anyone can participate. As a fan of the franchise myself, I couldn’t be any happier!

Tokyo Skytree is easily accessible by bus if you’ll be coming from Kinshicho Station north exit. In our case, we took the bus and walked a little bit before reaching the place. If by train, take either the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon, Toei Asakusa or Narita Sky Access Keisei Line to Oshiage Station. Another option would be via the Tobu Skytree Line to Tokyo Skytree Station.

Upon arrival at the tower, the friendly staff pointed us to the ticket counters where we purchased our tickets to the main observatory (Tembo Deck at FLOOR 350). After that, it was a brief elevator ride and soon we found ourselves marvelling at the scenic view of daytime Tokyo.

But as an “Attack On Titan” geek, for me, the highlight of our visit was, of course, the “Attack On Skytree” items displayed all over. Since it was at the Tembo Gallery (Floor 450), in order to get there, we had to purchase a separate ticket which can be bought at the ticket counter located at the FLOOR 350. My inner fangirl came out when I saw the elevator as it was covered in “Attack On Titan” imagery.

Of course, the Colossal Titan had to welcome us the moment we got off the elevator. Awesome!

It was a spiral pathway up the Tembo Gallery and we got to enjoy the view while walking along an “Attack On Titan”-themed corridor.

When we arrived at the Tembo Gallery, a life-sized Eren and Levi came into view as well as the other merchandise being sold. On the other side are gigantic posters welcoming you into the world of "Attack On Titan". As we walked along we got to enjoy the cityscape while looking at character illustrations. Plus, we also participated in the stamp rally where you can collect stamps at the booths located on different floors of the tower. Then after you collect all of them, you can claim your prize at the Skytree Shop!

Since we visited during the daytime, we weren’t able to experience the Skytree Round theater and some of the photo op areas, so if you want the complete Attack On Skytree experience, better make that trip during night time!

After that, if you’re feeling hungry from all the fanboying/fangirling over "Attack On Titan", you can try out the food from the café at the Tembo Deck (Floor 340) and you'll be given exclusive "Attack On Skytree" coasters featuring a random character! I ordered the Levi Milk Tea which I would admit, took me quite a while to drink because I had to calm my jangled fangirl nerves first!

So if you’re traveling to Tokyo and you’re into breathtaking city views, as well as some Attack On Titan fan service, what better way than to pay Tokyo Skytree a visit for a panoramic perspective of the city while geeking out at “Attack on Skytree”? Sounds sweet! Hurry up, for this will only last until July 14! You can also visit the official website for more details about this event.

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