All-You-Can-Play!: Round One Entertainment Center

Summer is starting here in Sapporo and everyone’s already ready and excited for warm weather with lot's of fun and entertainment. Even I would rather run outside in the and play around with my friends. All of us living like there is no tomorrow. We usually do not want to get out of our beds and would rather stay passed out on our thick and comfy blankets. But don’t you think that it is kinda boring? That is why I am recommending everyone go to a great amusement store where we can play all we can to our hearts content for a price as low as 1500 JPY!

Round 1 Sports Entertainment

Luckily, this branch of Round 1 we went to is closer from the international dorm which I currently live in. I went with my roommates and a few of our Japanese friends from university. It was a bit of a walk to the amusement store, but it was worth it. As soon as I saw the bowling pin which marks Round 1’s location, all of us immediately went in like excited kids ready to play all types of arcade games.

Asobihoudai??? What is That?

As you enter the building, you will find the arcade right away. But that was not the only arcade they had, there were a lot more on the upper floors! Totally exciting!

Round 1’s most attracting point is the 遊び放題 (meaning: Asobihoudai) concept to its customers. Asobihoudai literally means “All-You-Can-Play”, all types of sports and games you can play to your heart’s content! Depending on which day you will go, the price for the Asobihoudai deal is less than 1500 JPY! Totally worth the price!

First, the receptionists would ask if you would like to go for a 3-Hour Only Playtime or Free Time. I recommend choosing the Free Time option. Why? Because no one would like having fun playing yet being restricted by the time limit, right? Then they will hand you a bracelet with a barcode on it. It is important not to lose this bracelet because this serves as your entrance ticket. Along with the bracelet, they will also give your drink ticket and receipt. The drink ticket will let you have unlimited drinks, whichever type of drink you want, for 2 hours! Lastly, keep the receipt because you must show it to the reception once you pay for the Asobihoudai deal. You will pay after you are done playing and ready to go home. You will see how much fun it can be.

IT’S TIME TO PLAY: A peek inside Round 1

Round 1’s roller rink is a must-try for first-timers. Inline skates and roller skates are accessible for everyone to borrow. Different sizes are also available so both kids and adults can enjoy using the roller rink. Best of all, it is free and no rental charges.

People of all ages join the fun of roller skating individually and in groups.

Billiards and darts can be played with many players and even by yourself. Arcade games are also free for everyone to enjoy. We did not need to insert coins or tokens just to play the game machines. You can have all the fun you want.

Recreational activities for everyone to enjoy.

Sports are available for those who want to work their sweat out more! Archery, volleyball, basketball, batting, Frisbee and even golf! All types of sports you can play here in Round 1’s sport complex. Even more reason to bring a lot friends; team sports are possible for everyone!

Whenever you get tired from playing, you may relax in their mini food court to buy some snacks and drinks. You can avail your free unlimited drinks ticket here. Show your drinks ticket to the cashier and they will give you a strap that shows you can avail the unlimited drinks for 2 hours. So, make sure to use it all up! Other than eating snacks, you may read manga, books, or magazines in their reading corner. It is located beside the food court.

Aside from the sports and activities, they also have karaoke rooms you can enjoy for an hour. They have both Japanese and English songs available. You can also enjoy their mechanical bull machine and bowling alleys!

Everything is worth it here in Round 1 so I really do recommend visiting this place. You can freely enjoy all the activities, amenities and arcade for the price of less than 1500 JPY! Now have fun and keep yourself cool during your stay here in Sapporo.

For more information about Round 1 Sports Entertainment, visit their website.

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