A Limited-Time-Only “Funassyi Cafe” to Open in Shibuya.

Well, do you know who or what “Funassyi” is?

Its setting is a “pear fairy” living in Funabashi-shi,, Chiba prefecture, a local character unofficially representing Funabashi-shi. It is not only famous throughout Japan, but it is also much talked about in overseas with its interesting and funny actions and the talks uttered by the person inside unlike many of those characters in stuffed animal suits that normally do not talk.

Video from Funassyi in hidden camera video with explosions!

A Taiwanese newscaster just losing her control to hold herself from cracking up after seeing this video.

Even a CNN newscaster cannot help herself cracking up.

Now, that famous talking pear, Funassyi, its limited-time-only cafe is opening in Shibuya from September 2nd to 30th.




FUNAcafe (in Japanese only)
Venue: Shibuya Parco Part 1

Photo by http://www.parco-art.com/

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