Shinsen Marsh: A Beautiful Wetland of Gods and Wizards

Shinsen Marsh is a high altitude wetland which is located with in the Niseko Mountain Range of at the foot of Mt. Chisenupuri. It is well known as the most beautiful and mystical wetland of the lakes in Niseko. There are toilets and a rest house with a shop in the car parking, and from there a tree road continues to the wetland.


You can hike with light equipments, but it is recommended to wear shoes suitable for hiking. Since the altitude is high, an extra jacket would be nice to have. Enjoying pretty flowers and a forest bathing and 15 to 20 minutes walk in the surrounding trees, a shining wetland opens right in front of your sight. As its name says “Place of gods and wizards”, the calm lake is filled with pure water that reflects a wonderful view of the sky and the forest. This makes the place one of the most popular for sightseeing in Niseko.


At the surrounding primeval forest, a mysterious scenery is created by creeping pines and Yezo spruces which grow in unique shapes by strong winds and slow. It is known not only for trekking, but also for tinted autumnal leaves and you can enjoy the view in each season. The day with a clear sky is great, but when the wetland wrapped in a mist is wondrous. Even in a different time of the day, for example morning and evening, you get different impressions.

Shinsen Marsh
Address : Maeda, Kyowa-cho, Iwanai-gun, Hokkaido
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