Writer: Yana

Born and raised in Russia, I am a university student in the UK and I am currently on a year abroad in Akita, Japan. I love this country and really enjoy exploring its unique culture and wonderful nature. My main interest is figure skating, I am also very enthusiastic about traveling and hiking, and like walking around and taking photos in my spare time.

Goshiki-numa: 5 Ponds of 5 Colors with a View on a Volcano

Goshiki-numa is a cluster of 5 small volcanic lakes that emerged after the eruption of Mount Bandai in 1888 and attracts tourists for its incredible beauty nowadays. Goshiki-numa is located In Fukushima prefecture, and it is a very good reason why you should consider visiting this prefecture someday.

Collage of two bridges at night

Rainbow Bridge & Tokyo Get Bridge: The Two Great Bridges of Tokyo

When it comes to attractions, we might think of museums, statues, zoos, theme parks, museums or galleries. As the largest city in Japan, Tokyo offers a lot of such attractions. However, it also has some less common types of places to visit that are actually no less interesting and impressive — bridges.

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