Writer: Travis Sullivan

Travis Sullivan is from Mobile, Alabama in the US and has lived in Japan since 2009.

He was born in Mobile, Alabama in the Deep South way back in 1985, but he only speaks with a slight southern drawl. He graduated from the University of Alabama, where he was introduced to Japanese culture at its fullest. To put it simply, he learned with the kancho was.

Currently, he teaches English at a junior high school in Kuki, Saitama, but he has lived all over the Kanto region and has spent time in Osaka and Kyoto during his college years. Besides teaching, he is also a novelist who has self-published two novels and is working on an urban fantasy series set in Tokyo.

Writing is his life, and teaching is what he does to support that life until it finds its own root in everyone’s imagination. He sticks to genre fiction (Epic fantasy and Urban fantasy) for his novels, but his short stories range from literary fiction to horror and sometimes even political non-fiction pieces.

He has also fended off the hamster invasion of Tokyo; though, it is his belief that one day, Tokyo will surrender to a hamster. With this in mind, he looks for great places to eat and relax then relates his experiences to his readers either through his writing or his non-fiction articles. He tries to be as detailed as possible while focusing on the small things so the readers can really connect to the pieces.

Being from the Deep South, he loves all things meat and barbeque as well as the relaxing environments of onsens.

Please enjoy reading his stuff.


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