Writer: Stuart Iles

Hello, my name is Stuart and I am from Sydney, Australia.  I have lived in Japan now for about 7 years. I have lived in Hokkaido, Hiroshima and now I live in Fukuoka.  I love traveling around Japan and learning about local history and culture.  I love visiting museums, castles, temples and old districts where you can get a feeling for the old Japan.  I also like the Japanese countryside and I hope to open my own Edo period guest house one day.  I really hope readers can get a lot of information from my posts so they can enjoy their time in Japan.

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Hakata Ori – Experiencing the Traditional Weaving of Fukuoka

Hakata Ori is a special type of weaving with silk textile used to make kimonos and obis (sashes). High quality Chinese silk matched with the weaving style of Hakata Ori was unmatched in the whole of Japan. Hakata Ori became the choice textile for wealthy merchants, samurai and the ruling class in Japan. Let’s look how Hakata Ori began and became so famous.

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