Writer: Stuart Iles

Hello, my name is Stuart and I am from Sydney, Australia.  I have lived in Japan now for about 7 years. I have lived in Hokkaido, Hiroshima and now I live in Fukuoka.  I love traveling around Japan and learning about local history and culture.  I love visiting museums, castles, temples and old districts where you can get a feeling for the old Japan.  I also like the Japanese countryside and I hope to open my own Edo period guest house one day.  I really hope readers can get a lot of information from my posts so they can enjoy their time in Japan.

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Handlers working to control a horse

Fujisaki Hachimangu Horse Festival in Kumamoto

Fujisaki Hachimangu is probably the most important shrine in Kumamoto and has a long rich history. It is closely linked to famous Japanese samurai such as Kato Kiyomasa and the Hosokawa family. In Autumn, the shrine is host to a fantastic four-day festival ending on Sunday with a horse parade through the city.

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