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Shannen lives in Fukushima, Japan, where she enjoys going to festivals, singing karaoke by herself, and riding the train. Sometimes, actually quite a few times a year, she flies all the way to Boston, Massachusetts. Her dream is to amass enough mileage to sit in the front of the airplane! More humble goals of hers include visiting every prefecture in Japan, watching every Akira Kurosawa movie, and reading Japanese newspapers.

Bishamon-numa Pond

15 Things To Do in Fukushima

Nearly two million people live in Fukushima. The majority of the prefecture – the third largest after Hokkaido and Iwate – was untouched by radiation, while many areas that were impacted have reached levels below what is reported in many cities around the world. Visitors need not worry about eating the produce or drinking the water. The bigger concern is whether everything Fukushima has to offer can be packed into a single trip!

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