Writer: Peter

Peter is a Canadian living in Kanagawa. He loves finding new places and unexpected treats. He never likes to be too far away from the ocean but goal in life is to be able to identify the best place to eat in every neighbourhood in the Kanto. A country boy at heart but loves the motion and flash of Japan’s big cities too.

Enoshima: Heart of Shonan

About an hour south of Shinjuku, on the Shonan Coast, sits Enoshima Island. It is a chunk of rock rising out of the waters of Sagami Bay, sitting less than a kilometer offshore from the volcanic sand beaches of the mainland. Immortalized in one of Hokusai’s Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, the island has lured Japanese and foreign visitors for more than 1500 years by offering a look at the past while staying relevant as a great modern travel destination.

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