Writer: Matthew Turner

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m originally from the south of England and have been living in Japan for a little over six years now. My life in Japan consists mostly of teaching, however I also enjoy writing and podcasting about my profession, as well as sharing my passion with Japan too. I’m interested in going to live music events, drinking craft beer, marathon running, and bouldering.

5 Reasons to Visit Niijima Island

Niijima is a volcanic island and a member of Izu archipelago, situated roughly 160 kilometers south of Tokyo bay. Easily accessible by ferry from Takeshiba port or by air from Chofu airport, Niijima allows for the perfect getaway from the bustle of city life, whilst technically remaining in Tokyo. Life on Niijima is laid back, however there’s plenty for everyone to see and do!

Futsal: Tokyo’s Urban Sport of Choice

Futsal started as a Brazilian variant of football. In Portuguese, futsal literally translates as ‘room football,’ and was designed principally to be played either indoors or outdoors, on courts designed for basketball, and in just about any weather or conditions.

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