Writer: Luke Houghton

Luke is from the UK and first came to Japan in 2007, has lived and taught around the world including in Spain and Saudi Arabia, and now lives and works in the beautiful mountains of Fukushima. Having spent many years in the country, he continues to find new things to love about Japan every day.

His books can be found at https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14549269.L_D_Houghton

Kegon Falls in Nikko

4 Great Day Trips from Tokyo

There are a million and one things to do inside the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo, but sometimes you just want to get away for a while. Fortunately, the excellent transportation system that gets you around the city also excels at getting you out of it. Here are 4 easy trips you can do in a day out from Tokyo.

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