Writer: Jon Fain

Jon currently resides in Japan where he works as an English teacher and the Social Media Director for The Tochigi ALT Network. He also manages The Ashikaga Kid blog and contributes occasionally to JapanTravel.com. When he is not working, Jon can be found reading, writing, or a hundred feet up climbing rock faces. You can follow him on Twitter or follow his travels at The Ashikaga Kid Blog.

Ashikaga Gakko

Located just two hours by train from Tokyo, the small and unassuming town of Ashikaga in southern Tochigi prefecture is home to Japan’s first academic institution. Ashikaga Gakko, or Ashikaga School, lies in the heart of Ashikaga.

Shiroyama Park in Sano, Tochigi Prefecture

The astounding beauty of Shiroyama Park and its simple access for travelers are two of many reasons for a visit. Located in Sano, home of Japan’s most famous Ramen, Shiroyama Park is literally connected to the south exit of Sano station. The park is a very popular spot to view the Cherry Blossoms, but you’ll find enjoyment here all year round.

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