Writer: Ian Box

My name is Ian Box, but I write under the pseudonym, Marty Walpole.

I am from the small nation of New Zealand but lived in Australia for some years before coming to Japan in 1982.

The reason I came to Japan was to study the martial art of Shodokan Aikido, which is different from the Aikido most people are familiar with, although there are some similarities.

I still practice this art and probably will until I’m carrying out of the dojo in a pine box.

To make a living and keep myself and my family clothed and fed, I work as a high school English teacher in two schools – one is a public high school and the other private.

My other interests are reading, writing, watching movies and chilling out listening to 1970’s rock – Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Bowie and so forth.

I would have to say that out of all my interests, save practicing Aikido, writing is the one I enjoy the most. I have written two novels and are about to complete my third; a fourth is cued in my mind and notes have been written.

For the most part, I primarily write fiction however my third foray into the world of literature is a book of anecdotes about my life in Japan. The book’s working title is “Anecdotes of an Aikidoka in Japan.”
I am married to a Japanese woman, and we have two children. Well, they’re not precisely children any longer; a boy 13 and a girl 17.

My wife works at an international school and often requests me to help her with translation work.

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