Writer: Asyraf Yatim

Student by Day, Writer by Night: Asyraf is a Singaporean who has been living in Kyoto for 2 years. He is a full-time language school student in Kyoto's ARC Academy as well as a freelance writer. He loves writing articles of various niches for all kinds of clients. Travel writing, however, is his forte. He is also an avid photographer who is always interested in Japan's stunning landscapes and nature. During weekends or school breaks, he goes around with his Nikon D90 to snap photos, which he then uploads to his Etsy webpage to be sold as photo or canvas prints.


Castle Ruins in Hyogo Prefecture

Takeda Castle is now one of the top 100 famous castles in Japan due to its stone walls and spectacular views, despite being in ruins. It is possible to witness a sea of clouds surrounding the castle, making it appear as a castle floating in the sky, commonly referred to as “Castle in the Sky” or “The Machu Picchu of Japan”.

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