Writer: Aldilla Sari Utami

Hi, Readers!

I love Japan and want you to feel the same way so I write down the beauty to you. I come from Indonesia and study as foreign student in Mie University. Besides study, I do travelling on holidays, treasuring many places in Japan. Having lived here for almost 4 years now, I realized that my passion of writing and travelling should be taken out through many untold stories and experiences in my head. Here I am writing for anyone who wants to live or travel to Japan, enjoy 🙂

Begin a festive 2015 at Oshichiya Matsuri, Takada Honzan Temple, Mie Prefecture!

Takada Honzan temple, also known as Senju-ji, is one of the main tourist attractions in Mie Prefecture. Located in Isshinden area of Tsu city, it is popular as the largest Buddhist temple in the prefecture. Surrounded by a temple compound village, the atmosphere of past history is enchanting for the visitors. Earthen walls with set of gates will welcome you at the entrance area enclosing beautiful buildings. Miei-do hall, the main building used as a sacred hall, is an important cultural asset as the largest wooden structure in the prefecture. Inside the building, gold and fancy ornamentation contrasted with 725-tatami mat floor and traditional-style roof made perfect combination. Next to […]

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