Writer: Aerin Lai

Aerin is a Japanese culture, history and literature buff who has a knack for visiting graves of her favourite Japanese writers, and sitting around temples and shrines. She loves Dazai Osamu, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke and Mishima Yukio, and spends her time watching old Japanese movies and anime. She is currently studying in a university in Tokyo.

Neko-Atsume Shrine: Goutokuji

Taking a quick walk through Setagaya ward’s alleys, I find myself at the front door of a pretty huge temple. Turns out the legendary Maneki-neko temple – Goutokuji was in the vicinity. I realized visitors were heading in the same direction, a little corner on the left hand side of the temple. Curiosity piqued, I followed them. In this case, curiosity didn’t kill the cat!

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