Top 10 Traditional Japanese Snacks (Dagashi)

Hi everyone and welcome to Taiken Japan, where we'll be talking about cool and interesting things to do in Japan. Today, we're gonna talk about traditional Japanese snacks or dagashi. I'll be eating several dagashi and ranking them as Gold, being delicious; Silver, being OK; and Bronze being worse than OK I'll say. So, let's try traditional Japanese snacks or dagashi.

Kabayaki-san Taro


The first snack we're gonna try is called kabayaki-san. This is a snack made out of grilled eel so I imagine there's gonna be a fishy taste to this. See that? They've pressed the grilled eel into a flat jerky-like substance. See how thin that is? That's thinner than paper. Well, let's try it. Itadakimasu. If you've had salty eel before, and you know what that tastes like, that's what this tastes like but its like chewing cardboard. It's really fishy and has a soy sauce taste to it. it's like chewing's not bad though. If I had to rank this, I would give it a silver. Just gonna finish the rest.

GOLD: Kinakobo


Our next snack is called kinakobo. Now, kinakobo is Japanese soy beans that have been pressed and mixed with sugar and water. So, let's try this! Sweet. Really powdery. Yeah, I've made a mess now. Yeah, Its really messy. This is good though. That's's like eating dirt covered in sugar but I like that. This probably would be really popular with kids. Mmm, yeah. Its really sweet and just melts in your mouth and really soft. I'd rank this a gold.

Sudako-san Taro


OK. The Next one is called Sudako-san. Now, just like the pressed grilled eel, this is pressed, grilled octopus meat and its got vinegar in it so...Lets see what this tastes like. I'm not looking forward to this actually. OK, what have you made for us today? Wow! That's really sour. Yeah. And more meaty. A little softer than the grilled eel snack. Its sour, has a real fishy taste, and gets vinegar juice on your finger. Yeah, I'd have to rank this a bronze. I'm not really feeling this one.

GOLD: Nagoya miso katsu


Next one is called Nagoya miso katsu because Nagoya is famous for its miso flavoured tonkatsu. Fried...or fried pork. Miso flavoured fried pork. Yeah, its got the...that looks like a fried cardboard with little tracks of sauce on it. A little chewy. Really strong fried food taste. Yeah. Salty. The sauce makes it a little sweeter. That's not bad. I'd give that one a gold. That was Nagoya miso katsu.

Surume chodai


The next one is called Surume Chodai and this is like sudako. Pressed...or, this is pressed squid meat now. Yeah, so lets see what this tastes like. Let's see. Smells really fishy. Yeah, that's so chewy. Thats like beef jerky made of fish. Yeah, I'm gonna be...its gonna take me forever to chew this. Honestly, there's not actually much taste, it's mostly salty. Once you swallow though, you can taste the fish taste. Yeah. This one gets a silver.

Wasabinori Taro


All right next is Wasabinori. Yeah, this is like...this seems a little...this look a lot like the grilled eel one but made with wasabi. It smells exactly like the kabayaki snack. Lets try this. Yeah, thats like...thats like the kabayaki snack but with wasabi, so you can feel the wasabi in your mouth as you chew it. Well, it's great if you love wasabi but I'm gonna have to give it a bronze. That was wasabinori.

GOLD: Ramune


The next one's called Ramune. This is a candy made from Ramune which is a really popular sweet drink in Japan. They look like little asprin. That just dissolves quickly in your mouth. Yeah, really sweet and tangy just like a Ramune drink would be. So sweet. I like this. I'm gonna give this a gold. Yeah, this is really good.



All right. This next one is called Umeshiba. Looks like its modeled after the popular Japanese food, umeboshi, which is Japanese pickled apricot. Hmm, smells really sour and tangy. Lets see. So crunchy. Wow, thats sour. Wow, thats probably the most sourest thing I've ever tasted. Yeah, but this is a good experience here. I really enjoy eating this. There's a pit in the middle though so that's a bit of a downer. Yeah, this is...I wasn't sure this was but this is actual...this is actual salted plum. It's not good but it's not that bad so I'm gonna rank this a silver.

Watashi no chokobatto


This next one is called Watashi no chokobatto or my chocolate bat. I'm looking forward to this because I'm a huge baseball fan and I love chocolate. Yeah. Its got nuts in it and I don't like candy with nuts in it much so this one...That takes a few points off this one. The soft center in the middle, that's a soft cookie. Also the nuts contain raspberry sauce on them so that's really tasty. I'm gonna give this one a silver.

GOLD: Big katsu


The next one is called Big Katsu. This is...this is a snack based off of tonkatsu which is Japanese fried pork. Lets try this. I'm looking forward to this because I really like fried pork. Lets see here. This tastes better with every bite. It tastes oily but you can't see the oil. I mean that in a good way. I give this a gold. I like this.

There sure are some weird Japanese snacks. Don't agree with my list? What traditional Japanese snacks do you think are great? Feel free to comment below.

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