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Tokyo Disney Sea's "Come Join Your Friends" and "Sweet Duffy" Special

Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are the places where you can truly find the child within you. Even if you’ve been to either before, there is nothing to stop you from returning again, especially if there is a whole new theme or seasonal event awaiting!


From 12 January 2016 to 10 April 2016, Disney Sea introduced a new character, Gelatoni to its park show, joining the ranks of Mickey Mouse and Duffy. An adorable green cat with an artist’s beret on its head, Gelatoni is set to amass its own group of followers with its cuteness. In order to rope in this new chracter into its shows, Disney Sea has introduced a new show titled “Come Join Your Friends” for this period. Telling the story of how Disney characters gather at an old port town (i.e. Disney Sea’s Mediterranean Harbour) to reunite with old friends and welcome new friends, this new Disney parade was a sweet and heartwarming one.


Located near the entrance of Disney Sea, the show took place against the backdrop of Disney Sea’s iconic Mount Prometheus volcano. Seeing the characters set sail on boats towards the harbour excited the crowds, myself included, who had been waiting patiently for around an hour in order to get a good view. The Disney characters as well as the Disney cast members danced enthusiastically to a series of songs, teaching us a series of actions which we did along with them. The highlight of the show occurred when all of the characters came down to wave to the audience, high-fiving a few of us and even posing for our cameras. The approximately 15 minute show was truly enjoyable and happiness inducing.

Photo: nagi usano on Flickr

Apart from the “Come Join Your Friends” show, “Sweet Duffy” also returns this year for the same period stated above. Duffy the Disney Bear might be the lesser known counterpart of Micky Mouse, but it is no less adorable. A Disney character created for Disney Parks, Duffy is known as the Disney Bear that promises to bring happiness, luck, and be your forever friend. With its Mickey-silhouetted face and Mickey marks on its feet, Duffy inspires an inexplicable affection. Many girls who visit Disney Sea can be seen carrying Duffy bags, Duffy keychains, and even Duffy plushies around the park, showing just how much this bear and his partner, Shellie May, are loved.

Sweet Duffy is a yearly event at Disney Sea that takes place after Christmas and before spring. For fans of the Disney Bear, this is a perfect time to visit the park as special Duffy merchandise and snacks are released to commemorate this special bear. One of these snacks include the Hot Chocolate available at Gondolier Snack stand. A cup of thick hot chocolate with raspberry jam at the bottom was served with a cookie stick. The paper cup had Duffy printed on it which made me really reluctant to throw it away.


All in all, the “Come Join Your Friends” and “Sweet Duffy” themes taken together made for a memorable visit to Tokyo Disney Sea.

If you have missed this event, the Golden Week (GW) is fast approaching and I am sure you do not need a reason to bring out the child in you. Put it on your GW travel list!

Park opening hours and ticket prices can be found at Tokyo Disney Resort’s official website.

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