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The last pristine river - Shimanto!

Shimanto River is known as one of Japan’s fresh water rivers.
Explore the charm and highlights of Shimanto River calmly and gently just as the freshwaters over its surface.

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Shimanto River is 196km in length and has a watershed of 2,270km². It is a part of the Watari River system and is located in the western part of the Kōchi Prefecture.
It is a longest river in the Shikoku Region, followed by the Yoshino River.

Photo:京浜にけ on Wikimedia Commons 

It is also known as the 'last clear stream' of Japan, because there is absence of any dam obstructing its flow. Credit must also be given to its feasible location away from any large urban city.

Photo:四万十人 on Wikimedia Commons 

Shimanto River is a favorite location for filming dramas or movies. Fishing was the subject of the Japanese movie “Fishing Fool’s Diary” which was filmed at Katsuma Chinka Bridge.


The Shimanto River is part of the Shikoku Karst Prefectural Park, which is known to be the Forest of Headwaters.
Here there are natural forests and national parks, which are close to 200 years old.


The beautiful V-shaped valley carved by the headwaters is a masterpiece.


The location of the headwaters of the Shimanto River is a must-watch.
Water emanating from this location has led to the creation of the awe-inspiring Shimanto River.

Experience a Relaxing Time on Shimanto River.


A boat ride is recommended for enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Shimanto River.
You can enjoy two types of boats rides, either on a houseboat or on a sailboat.

For an advanced reservation of a houseboat, you can have the pleasure of a banquet on board.


A leisure cruise over the Shimanto River by a sailboat is also recommended.


You can also experience the traditional seine-net fishing method at the Shimanto River.

Enjoy Shimanto River at Night


At the Tsuga Dam Lake, a tributary of Yusuhara River in the upper region of Shimanto River, if you're lucky you can watch the glow of fireflies during summer.

For a limited time, between May to June, you can enjoy the fireflies dancing on the river if you're afloat a firefly boat.

Four Seasons of Shimanto River


Rape flowers bloom along the riverbed in spring creating a beautiful contrast of green and yellow.


People are free to splash or play with water and jump into the beautiful Shimanto River during summer! This is an exciting way to enjoy the river.

The autumn hues are much visible during the fall.
Vivid red and orange colors are reflected on the surface of the water.


The entire area transforms into a white snowscape in winter.
The cool winter airs of Shimanto is indeed, attractive.

Witness the changing faces of the Shimanto River.

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