The charming town of Fukiya, in Okayama Prefecture

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Did you know that the town of Fukiya, in Okayama Prefecture, is famous for its red-brown color? The buildings' stone roof tiles are colored with Bengara, a reddish pigment made with iron oxide.

Thanks to the production of Bengara, Fukiya became prosperous from the end of Edo era through the Meiji Restoration, and is now recognized as an important cultural heritage. Today, we'll introduce this charming town.


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Fukiya’s scenery, laden with Bengara colored roof tiles, brings forth the scenic atmosphere of Japan in this beautiful town.

The townscape of Fukiya was officially acknowledged as "Furusato Mura" (hometown village) in 1974.

It was also acknowledged as an important preservation district for historic buildings in Japan, from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1977.


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The Bengara museum, where visitors can see how the red pigment is made, has become a popular tourist spot.


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Another popular spot is the Katayama house. The Katayama family was one of the original producers of Bengara.

With its impressive elegant Bengara-colored townscape, Fukiya is the place where you can definitely feel deep immersion into Japanese culture. Drop by when you visit Okayama Prefecture; you’ll assuredly be happy that you did.

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