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The 4 Best Summer Hiking Trails in Hiroshima

Hiking is perhaps one of the most popular activities in Japan and also we can see people from all age groups, probably from ages 8 to 80 hiking their favorite trails just to get to the top and have a majestic view of the sunrise or a have a pleasant time at sun's setting. If you happen to be in Hiroshima City for visiting the Peace Memorial or shopping at Hondori, there are four perfect hiking trails to unwind yourself and stride your way to the mountain top from where you can check out the city view or nearby islands. Pack your bags, water and wear your boots, let’s go visit these spots as locals do.

4. Mount Misen

Obviously, you guessed it right, this one is a famous tourist spot near Hiroshima City. There are plenty of reasons to go to this spot including The World Heritage Itsukushima Shrine, the Pagoda architectures, friendly deer’s and the sacred ambience surrounding this spot. Even inexperienced people can try to take the ropeway while going uphill (Miyajima Ropeway) and have a spectacular view of the surroundings islands at the prominence of 535 m and climb downhill like a walk in the park. For people who have very little time to do hiking since there are other places to cover nearby areas, this method is best advised.

Access: By Train (or personal transportation) & ferry

Miyajima ropeway useful links

3. Mount Shiraki

Shirakiyama or Mt. Shiraki is a well know mountain as the highest peak in Hiroshima City but unfortunately, its not that famous among tourists or students from abroad. It’s around 25 kms from downtown Hiroshima and stands tall at 889m. This place is easily accessible by train, JR Geibi Line and you need to get down at Shirakiyama station. From there the hiking route is accessible by a simple 10-minute walk.

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The view on the top is amazing and locals generally bring their own camping kits for a stay over and even cook their own food to have their own unique experience. The trek path is laid out cleanly and there will be no trouble in walking up and downhill. Unlike Mount Misen, there is no ropeway for up or downhill. If there is a need to buy some drinks and food items, there is a supermarket (Shoji) right in front of the Shirakiyama station.

Access: By train (or rental car)

2. Mount Noro

This is one of my favorite spots for hiking in the Hiroshima area. The night view from the top of mountain is simply breathtaking, because of the heavily lit city view and bridges at some distance on one side and dark, peaceful sea on the other side. This place is good for young couples to have a good time since there is a small park on top of the hill. The mountain top stands at an elevation of 839m and the top is accessible by car which is not advised since the hiking on this hill brings a fresh take on nature.

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There are many locals and foreigners visiting this place regularly so it’s not an unexplored path but even then, it’s an awesome place for a half day hike. Mount Noro is a part of Setonaiki National park so there are fresh flowers and leaves all long the path.

Access: Rental car (recommended)

1. Futabanosato Walking Trail

You spelled it right, the last one doesn’t have the tag mount but trust me this will be the best and easily accessible hiking/walking trail from Hiroshima station. It takes a good 40-minute trip to half a day walk to complete this trail depending upon how you travel and how long you’re willing to go. One will be amazed by the views and history behind each spot. This historical walking trail is 10-kilometer-long connecting approximately 16 historical sites.

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Apparently some spots in this walking trail like the Hiroshima Peace Pagoda is visible from Hiroshima station, so probably this spot Is a must hike location if you are near Hiroshima station and would like to see the fantastic night view of the city as well as the historical shrines like Fudoin temple, Nittsuji, Hikari shrine, Yatsurugi shrine, etc. The most recommended one is Kinko Inari shrine which showcases the small scaled torii gate (Chinese styled) like the one’s found in Miyajima. After passing through these small gates, one can reach the Mount Futaba peace pagoda. Though there is a road leading this entire trail its best recommended hiking to have a rewarding experience.

Access: walking (from Hiroshima Station)

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