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Studio Ghibli's Beautiful Movies

Do you know about the animated movie “My Neighbor Totoro”? It is the most famous Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and produced by Studio Ghibli. This studio is based in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan. It is really well known as the best producer of anime, and some short film productions. The anime made by Studio Ghibli have simple character designs and stories with deep meaning. No wonder that eight of Studio Ghibli’s movies are among the 15 highest grossing anime films made in Japan.

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Studio Ghibli has received so many awards , such as the Animage Anime Grand Prix Award, Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year, etc. Not only in Japan, but Studio Ghibli also got some Academy Award nominations in the U.S too. Unfortunately, on August 3rd, 2014, due to Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement, Studio Ghibli has announced temporarily halting production.


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So, how many Studio Ghibli movies do you know? There are about 20 films that were produced. The first one is “Castle in the Sky”, which was produced in August 2, 1986. It tells the story of a young boy, who stumbles into a mysterious girl falling down from the sky.
There are also many other movies produced by Studio Ghibli such as:

  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Only Yesterday
  • Spirited Away
  • Ponyo
  • The Wind Rises
  • When Marnie was there
  • etc

My Neighbor Totoro

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This is my favorite movie from Studio Ghibli! It tells the story of two young sisters (Satsuki and Mei) who find out a friendly wood spirit (Totoro) in postwar rural Japan. First of all, I love the characters... they are so cute and lovely! This film won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize and the Mainichi Film award for best film in 1988. For all of you  who haven’t seen this film, I highly recommend it!

The Wind Rises


The Japanese title of this movie is Kaze Tachinu. It was the highest grossing Japanese film in Japan in 2013. It also won some awards, such as nominations for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. It talks about a lifelong love of flight that inspires Jiro Horikoshi, a man who designed Japanese fighter planes during World War II. This is also one of my favorites, because I am studying mechanical engineering now, and my teacher recommended this film to me! After I watched it, and read the book, I realized that it is really an interesting and cool story!

At Last


There are so many good movies produced by Studio Ghibli! These movies are really famous not only among Japanese but also among foreigners. No wonder that Japan also produced many goods associated to the movies... and obviously, all these goods are really cute !

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