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Star Wars Awakening: Japanese Unique Style

The force is awakening in a few days and with it a whole new saga of one of the most famous cinema stories: Star Wars. Star Wars new saga “The Force Awakens” is about to start (December 18th) and with it Japan gets ready for a stunning welcoming atmosphere as a spectacular finishing touch to the end of the year.


As some of Star Wars and Japan fans might have realised already, some parts of the Star Wars' story have lots of common points with some warriors and defence arts practised in Japanese fighting styles. Therefore, it is not surprising that Star Wars stories and sagas are notoriously popular in Japan. For example, some of the Jedi principles such as defending and protecting endangered peace at almost any cost, the spirit of fighting as a way of defending itself rather than attacking first or provoking or the mind silence and concentration necessary to develop the Force. All of them are nothing but a few examples of common points, rules and principles also required in most of the Japanese fighting styles. So, while waiting for the new saga to begin and awake a new generation of Star Wars fans, Japan gets ready with lots of unique merchandising, and promotion goods.


Undoubtedly, Japan has specific marketing and commercial strategies feeding the consuming hunger of its demanding and meticulous public. For instance, when you go to the cinema you can always purchase a pamphlet of the movie you are watching, or any movie in billboard at that moment. It also has an extra offer of different merchandising and official goods of the movies on theatres, such as notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, key holders, mugs, figures and action figures, and so on. Of course some of these goods could be found elsewhere in a toy store or even some movie theatres. But Japan has even much-more to offer.


Recently, almost everywhere you go you can find small metal replicas of Star Wars spaceships, figures and even cute and adorable small dancing Darth Vader and Stormtroopers' figures marching at the rhythm of the Imperial March (Darth Vader's theme). But still, Japan has a unique skill for adapting and combining its most traditional daily life utensils with latest fashion and trendy accessories. Thus, even in a music store you can find Star Wars inspired ball-point pens and key chains, or in a cosmetic store you can purchase eye-liners inspired in characters of earlier sagas.


However, if it is not enough for the most exigent and exquisite public, Japan offers even more. You can buy chopsticks with the shape of a laser sabre. Of course choosing the colour of your favourite character of the movie. Some of them even have real lightning effects!


But, of course, that is not all of it. You can also taste the flavour of the saga characters in delicious Star Wars' cakes. You can have a bite of the delicious Jabba the Hutt. Delight your palate with an exquisite and delicious nibble to Darth Vader's chocolate cake. Enjoy your tea with a C-3PO's lemon bouquet. Even a Japanese traditional green tea flavoured Yoda! No doubt, these sweets will be delicious for the younger ones and more than enjoyable, nostalgic and fun for the older ones.


For those of you with an intrepid and wild spirit for adventure, you can even have a ride surrounded by Star Wars' world. The well known Japanese airline All Nippon Airlines has customised a serial of air planes as Star Wars' plane flights. These are special flights which have been decorated with designs and motives of one of the worlds most famous fiction saga. These flights include de external decoration of the planes and the inside details, matching with your own luggage if you buy the customised bags in Tokyo before leaving.


There have already been several flights where participants themselves were characterised and cosplayed as characters of the Star Wars world and it seems that they definitely had a great time. No doubt, if you are a fan and have the chance to take part in one of these flights, it will be an unforgettable memory that most certainly would delight to any fan of the saga! And if you haven't yet watched the latest Star Wars movie this vacation head straight to the theatre near you.

And remember, “May the Force be with you...”


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