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Okinawa International Street

If you visit Okinawa, you should visit 国際通り(Kokusai Doori), which is mean International street in Japanese. This is Naha’s main street for about two kilometers through Naha City. The name of this street is from the former of a movie “Ernie Pyle International Theater.” That movie theater was built along this street after the war.





All the things that you can do at International Street are “Shopping”! Along this road, there are so many shops that sell so many things such as merchandize, snack, hat, and sunglasses, Okinawa Shisa, Okinawa Sango Necklace, and etc. What I can say about this street is you will find so many things that are unique and cool there. It is really interesting for walking through that street. The atmosphere at that street is also so good that can make you go around and around at that street. Most of the stores are open by 10:00 am and stay open until around 11:00 p.m. unfortunately, some of there are also some shops that closed at 10:00 p.m. You can also go to some clubs and bars, which is located in this street too.



At that street you can go to another section such as Mutsumi Doori (Mutsumi Street), and Heiwa Doori (Heiwa Street). There are so many shops too that can pull you to buy some of their sales.


This International Street is located in central Naha. It is stretches from the Naha Bus Terminal to Makishi Station on Okinawa Monorail. You can also reach there with a few steps away from the monorail’s Kencho-mae and Miebashi Stations. The other way, you can go there by taxi from Naha Airport too.



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Maybe all of you think that what is the specialty of this street? Some of you may think the street should be filled with many of the same chain stores and restaurants, and should be boring? International Street is really a chance to see traces of when the Ryukyu Kingdom ruled over Okinawa between 15th and 19th centuries. Not only that, there are so many festivals held there, such as Eisa folk dance, Shuri Festival, Tug of War, and etc. One of the most ubiquitous items in International Street is Shisa.

Shisa is a mythology lion-dog statue, which is believed to protect homes against evil and bad luck. I recommend you to buy some of them if you visit Okinawa. It will be such a nice and cool thing for your beloved home.



I have gone to this International Street for many times, and I really love it. The atmosphere there, the t-shirt shop, and etc. You can enjoy walking there with your friends, and if you get tired and want to take a break, you can drink some coffee at Starbucks there too. Is that sounds nice? So, I really recommend you to go this Kokusai Doori (International Street) if you have a chance to visit Okinawa, Japan.

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