Niagara Winter Illumination: Beautiful Lights Enhance Sacred Mt. Fuji

If you are planning to visit areas around Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japanese culture listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, please don’t miss out this seasonal illumination event, the “Niagara Winter Illumination”.


The event is held at Oishi Park, a scenic spot facing the edge of Lake Kawaguchi, lying at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The park is also famous for “Herb Festival” held in early summer and its vast lavender field.

The dazzling waves of light cover the entire lavender field. In addition, a 280 m long and 3 m high waterfall of lights appear with Mt. Fuji in the background, with the sea of light appearing as a waterfall and hence the name - Niagara Winter Illumination.

The color from an enormous number of lights spreading on the field will turn bright purple, representing lavender flowers in full bloom in summer.

Nearby facilities will be beautifully lit up as well.


Enjoy the illumination around the sacred mountain. Please be wary of the freezing temperatures and make sure to wear proper warm clothes! Stay warm and watch the illumination.

Address: 2585 Oishi, Fuji Kawaguchiko-cho
Venue: Lake Kawaguchi shores Oishi Park
Nearest Station: Kawaguchi-ko station (Fujikyuko Railway)
Date: Dec.1, 2014 – Feb.23, 2015 (The event period may vary.)
Time: 17:00〜20:00

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