Mount Fuji Shaped Chocolates - Now Available in Red!

The new Apollo, inspired by the snow-capped “Red Fuji”, has been launched!

Apollo is a household name when talking about chocolates in Japan. Each one of the adorable cone-shaped chocolates has layers of strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate. Now, a new product called “ Fujisan Apollo Big”, representing the Japanese symbol of Mt.Fuji, has been released on 21st April 2015.

The new version of Apollo is inspired by the auspicious "Red Fuji", which can be seen at dawn. It features white chocolate covering the top of the regular piece of strawberry-flavored and milk, in a bigger size. The strawberry chocolate, especially, contains many strawberries - three times as many as regular ones!

Additionally, the packaging design of the new Apollo adopts a renowned work “Red Fuji” by Katsushika Hokusai, and makes a perfect souvenir for foreign tourists.

“Fujisan Apollo Big”
Suggested retail price : 800 JPY ( tax not included),
Volume: 120g (Standard portion: 20 pieces)
Available from 21st April 2015 at shops and stores throughout Japan

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