Macho Cafe

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Macho Cafe – Where to Meet Sexy Japanese Guys

It is not a new thing for Japan to have unique and entertaining restaurants as people’s hangout destination. Let’s say maid cafes, animal cafes, etc. Girls may not enjoy maid cafes the same way guys do, but luckily Japan has made a kind of cafe girls can enjoy.

What is a Macho Cafe?

Macho Cafe

Maid cafes, where all the waitresses are dressed in really cute maid outfits and greet the visitors as their masters and mistresses, paradoxically, at Macho Café you will be greeted by handsome, muscular men in tank tops.

High Level Testosterone at this Macho Café

Macho Café, located in Tokyo, was built by a group of body-builders from the gym Macho 29. It's founder explains on the website, "I always had a café with specially selected coffee beans, so I wondered why is there no cafe with select macho?"

Their food selection includes beef sausage, Kobe beef dishes, grilled chicken, pancakes, coffee, and beer. The menu is easy-to-eat body-builder food in mind. It was first opened in 2015 and got a flood of visitors on its first day. This café has been a hot topic for many television specials. That is why it became so popular so quickly.

Sexy Madness

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The main attraction of this café surely more than the food, but the men known as the sexy waiters. They will serve every visitor in a friendly, yet sexy attitude. Posing and flexing their muscles is the kind of thing you will see when they serve food and beverage. Instead of only pouring your beer from the can, they also crush it. And while they put whipped cream on your pancake, you might enjoy when they tighten their biceps while they do it. You can also get a 15-minute private chat time with one guy for about USD $4 (a beefcake is included). And also, you can enjoy the 'wall of meat', where the guys will stand around you, dance, and flex for USD $27.

Recommended Menu Selections

Photo by すしぱく on Pakutaso.

Here are some of the best menu selections to choose when you visit. Don't bother looking for anything light because almost everything on the menu has the word 'Macho' next to it.

  • Macho Frankfurt: a big hot dog, filled with 26g of protein.
  • The Demon of Meat: the most expensive thing on the menu, and has 30g of protein.
  • Foolish Rice: just plain white rice, but if you order it, the menu warns you to expect a scolding.
  • Kinsaibo Puchin Pudding: one wonderful dessert after sweet a bicep flexing session.

At Last

Interested in visiting them? Better be checking on their official website first for they only open for limited times in the year. You can also read their menu and know more about the Macho 29 gym community (possibly even become a member). Besides having a Japanese cuisine experience, you might as well enjoy a “muscular and macho” experience. It’s like what the guys said on their website, "when macho meets café...and you".

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