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Let's Explore Nara Kenko Land !

Photo: Kuruman on Flickr

Let's Explore Nara Kenko Land !

When speaking of Nara, many people will think of the Kasuga Taisha Shrine or the Tōdai-ji Temple which are world heritage sites. However, there is a secret hot spring facility called Nara Kenko Land that is clearly distinct from the popular landmarks of Nara.

What is Nara Kenko Land?


Photo: http://yaji3kita3.doorblog.jp/
It is a large complex with hot spring facilities. The main area is a large communal bath, but you can also enjoy live comedy, a gourmet banquet and body care.


Photo: http://yaji3kita3.doorblog.jp/
Also included is the Nara Plaza Hotel, for you to stay here and spend ample time at leisure.


Photo: http://www.narakenkoland.net/
The large communal bath uses water from a hot spring about 800m below ground level. It is best suited for cold winter days because the hot spring water has a thermal effect, making you feel warm and rejuvenated. Bid adieu to the cold, right away!


Photo: http://www.narakenkoland.net/
In addition, there is the Kids Land, an amusement area for children, for your children who enjoy Nara Kenko Land to their hearts content.


Photo: http://www.narakenkoland.net/
In warm summers, there is a pool available. Enjoy the environs of the resort on a trip to Nara.

Surprisingly Kenko Land is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you are a backpacker or traveling alone and missed out on reserving a place to stay, you can visit here and greet a peaceful morning at Nara.

Website (in Japanese): http://www.narakenkoland.net/